Our History

Hama Steel was established in the year BS 2046/1988 to meet the growing need for construction-grade steel and iron products in Nepal. Making its mark as one of the best in the industry by maintaining excellent standards, Hama steel received the hallmark of Nepal Standard (NS) mark in BS 2052/1995.

To cater to the growing market, Hama Steel upgraded production capacity in the year BS 2054/1997. Hama Group soon entered into a new venture of producing wires by establishing Hama Wires in the year BS 2055/1998.

With the passion to work hard and achieve their vision, Hama further upgraded production capacity in the year BS 2058/2000. Deemed to be of excellent quality, Hama products received ISO 9001:2000 certification for excellent quality management system which met international standard in the same year.
Hama steel; with its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements and satisfaction; was acknowledged with NS Quality Award in the year BS 2059/2001 which encouraged the installation of a new mill in BS 2060/2004. From the year BS 2060/ 2004 Hama Steel started production HAMA TMT Re-bars and soon followed up with the production of HAMA-500 Re-bars in 2060/2004 and 2062/2005. In BS 2064/2007 TQM Activities were initiated to maintain quality management. Hama Iron and Steel then made history by pioneering the production of Super Grip Re-bars (SG Re-Bars) in BS 2064/2008.

The company then quickly surpassed this feat by again initiating the production of much advanced Super Ductile Re-bars (SD Re-bars) in 2012. Hama SD Re-bars is a product that has been delivering superior quality in the market.

BS 2072 / 2016
Hama 25 years
BS 2072 / 2016Compact Mill Upgraded
BS 2070 / 2014 New Compact Mill with CRC Technology installed
BS 2065 / 2009 Capacity Upgraded
BS 2060 / 2003 New TMT plant Installed
BS 2059 / 2002 NS Award
BS 2058 / 2000 ISO 9001 :2000 Accredited
BS 2058 / 2000 Upgraded Capacity
BS 2055 / 1998 Hama Wires founded
BS 2054/ 1997 Upgraded Capacity
BS 2052/ 1995 NS Mark given
BS 2046/1988 Hama Steel founded


We are a winning team driven by the desire to be a world class manufacturer of re-bars and in doing so contribute to the nation’s infrastructure development.

Steel will always remain our core business. We will aggressively expand to businesses that add value to, strengthen and have synergy, with the core.

About Us

Chairman’s Message

Bal Krishna Shrestha


Here at Hamasteel, we believe that success comes from having patience, perseverance and a passion for the things that we do. It has been a long journey from the confines of a small trading shop to what we are today, a brand name and a known contender in the Steel market.

During the last two years we have been busy re-inventing everything from how we engineer right through to how we distribute and market our products. We owe sincere thanks to everyone involved, from top management to the people on the floor. Without them Hamasteel would certainly not be where we are today.

We are proud of our leadership here in Nepal, for manufacturing Quality rebar because we believe in leading by example. It is hard to think of a better example we could set than that of a responsible Nepali citizen.

We are looking forward to the future and will continually improve, innovate and execute in our path of quality in manufacturing. We also look forward to keeping you in the loop and updated on our progress.

Your custom matters to us.

Kind Regards

Bala Krishna Shrestha


Mr. Bala Krishna Shrestha founded Hama Group of companies in 1988. The strong foundation laid down by his extraordinary business acumen and uncompromising integrity has given the group a strong set of values and fundamentals.

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