Amazing Fun Facts About Steel Bars And Its Importance

Steel, these days, is the lifeline of any structure. Natural disasters have been a common phenomenon in the world for the past few years. And it has been concluded that adding steel, primarily steel bars in the structures can extend the life of the structures up to a great extent. What makes steel such a valued construction item is the fact that it merges great virtues with affordability, and so, it is within the reach of people belonging to all walks of life. Regardless of the nature of the construction project you’re involved in, it makes sense to use steel bars.

What are Steel Bars?

what are steel bars

Steel bars are also known as reinforcement bars as they are used to provide additional strength to the building. Steel bars are generally used in steel and concrete structures. While steel structures are quite durable, concrete structures, despite the strength, lack tensile strength. Because of this very reason, there is a very high chance for the building to collapse if intense pressure is exerted on it. When steel bars are used in concrete structures, the life of the building expands, and its ability to withstand extreme pressure increases. Steel Bars are a must when it comes to construction projects.

Fun Facts About Steel Bars

There are quite a few fun facts about steel bars. These pieces of information don’t just make you wonder deeply about steel bars, but also develop this trust and confidence in you to opt for steel if you’re somehow involved in a construction project. The following are a few quite interesting and fun facts about steel bars and steel in general.

Durable Steel Roofs

When steel is used to make the roofs of your house, you get to enjoy its protection for a really long time. On average, while the roofs made with other alloys last for a period of 17 years, the roofs made with steel tend to last for around 50 years. Now, this is a remarkable aspect of steel. It’s the unbelievable attributes of steel like resistance to corrosion and oxidation that allow steel to serve you for such a long period. The elements that are used to make steel contribute to the life of steel to a great extent. Whenever you’re looking to install a new roof, look for a steel option.

Steel Appliances

There are popular statistics that suggest that 75% of all major appliances are made up of steel. To believe in it, all you have to do is look around you. Steel is an eco-friendly material, and so, lately, people have been using it as an alternative to almost anything. Also, it is quite affordable, so it can be used to make anything. From electronic appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, and so on to electrical appliances like fans, you could see steel everywhere. Steel’s application is limited not just to appliances but also furniture and other equipment.

Steel Computers

Yet another statistic suggests that at least 25% of all computer parts are made up of steel. One of the main reasons for this is that steel, despite its strengths, is quite light. It is an ideal material to be used in electronics. Many computing devices feature a steel body that gives the device great strength and durability. Steel is used not just to make the body but also the internal parts. The idea is quite simple. If a part is designed to last long, it is better for it to be made with steel.

Steel Bars and Eiffel Tower

fun facts about steel bars

The primary element that is used to manufacture steel is iron. The alloy is a combination of iron, and a few other elements like carbon, chromium, and so on. Since the proportion of iron is high in the steel alloy, it borrows quite a few properties from the element, and one of them is expandability. During hot seasons, steel tends to expand and grow in size. This particular nature of steel results in an interesting phenomenon. The Eiffel tower in France, which is made up of steel, tends to grow in height by six inches during the summer season.

Canned Goods Packaging

Steel is the ideal alloy to be used in the food industry. Especially the features like resistance to oxidation, and durability allow it to serve the purpose. The cans that are used to pack food items of different kinds, from beverages to pickles, and so on are made of steel. As a matter of fact, there is a statistic that suggests that two-thirds of all the cans that are used in the food industry are made up of steel. Of course, the kind of steel used to make cans is quite different from others.

Recycling Steel

One of the best attributes of steel is that it can be recycled. Now, when you recycle steel, you prevent the environment from getting polluted. Also, it’s quite cost-effective for the consumers when you think about it. On top of everything, recycling steel also saves quite a bit of energy, which would otherwise be spent to produce new steel. The energy is enough to power a 60 watt light bulb for a period of 4 years.

Advancement Of Steel

One of the most popular structures in the world that was made using steel is the golden gate bridge, which is located in San Francisco. It took almost 4 years to construct that bridge. The construction work started in 1933 and ended in 1937. At the time of construction, it took almost 83000 tons of steel to make the bridge. Now, the technology revolving around steel construction is so advanced currently that if the same structure is to be built today, it would require only half of what it originally took.

Scope of Steel

Because of the diverse qualities of steel, it is fit to be used in almost all sectors. Whether it’s the food industry, automotive, construction, or energy, housing, and transportation, steel has a special place in all of these sectors. What makes steel such a diverse material is that there are so many variations of the alloy out there. Each of them has unique properties which makes steel ideal to be used in commercial and sophisticated sectors.

Steel Industry Employment

Steel Industry is probably one of the biggest sectors in the world. Since steel has so many applications, it makes sense that tons and tons of steel are produced on a daily basis. According to popular statistics, the steel industry employs around 2 million people worldwide.

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Importance Of Steel Bars

importance of steel bars

Steel bars are important particularly in construction projects to give additional strength to the building. When good quality steel is used to make a building, the life expectancy of the building extends by a couple of folds. Also, its ability to withstand extreme pressure exerted by nature in the form of disasters like earthquakes increases. Buildings constructed with good quality steel bars don’t just save money but also numerous lives that are lost when the building collapses.

These are a few distinct properties of steel bars that differentiate them from bars made of other alloys. Steel bars are made of steel, and depending on the elements that are used in the steel manufacturing process, their strength level could be sky-high. On top of that, steel bars are proven to have properties like resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The extent of these abilities also depends on the elements that are used in the steel manufacturing process.

Application Of Steel Bars

All these properties of steel contribute to it being highly durable. Generally, steel doesn’t degrade, and also, it doesn’t really require regular maintenance. Steel is also quite a cheap option in comparison to its counterparts. A very important thing that you need to keep in mind before picking up the steel bars or other steel products is the grade or quality of steel used to make the product.

Depending on the nature of the project, the steel bars that complement it needs to be chosen. If you’re not quite sure or aren’t quite knowledgeable about steel, you can rely on steel manufacturers for consultation services. One of the most trusted steel manufacturers in Nepal is Hama Steel. Hama Steel offers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. They will guide you with a great sense of service through their huge line of steel-based products.

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