A Brief About Coated Steel Manufacturer

Coated Steel simply means a steel sheet or chunk, with a layer of another metal, alloy, or organic material coated on it. This helps to make the steel further stronger, more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and gain few other properties. All these attributes make steel more versatile than ever. The resultant product is used in areas where aesthetics matters highly, in food production, in areas where endurance matters the most, and so on. Now, though there are numerous kinds of steel coating processes, a few of the elements that are used are aluminum, zinc, gold, and so on. The attributes of steel are enhanced as per these processes.  

Applications Of Coated Products

In the case of the non-metallic coated steels, well, it is mostly used for aesthetic purposes. As the properties of this steel are quite like the others, it can’t withstand any more corrosion or stress than ordinary steel. Generally, non-metallic is used on the insides. Though, it still has a wide range of applications. It is usually used in the construction practices and architecture sector where visual appeal matters highly. Non-metallic steel is also known as organic steel, and it is also used in industries, especially in food production, automobiles, electronics, and so on.

Types Of Coated Steel

There are mainly three types of coated – metallic steel, non-metallic coated, and tin plate. These kinds are different from each other on the basis of their properties, use, manufacturing process, and quite a few other aspects.

Metallic Coated Steel

Metallic Coated Products is coated with metals, for instance, elements like zinc, either in its pure form or as an alloy. Doing so enhances the strength of the steel, making it more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Metallic steel is used in situations where endurance matters more than anything.

Non-metallic Coated Steel

Non-metallic Steel is coated with non-metallic paints, whether its polyester paints or polyvinylidene fluoride paints or PVDF. This kind of steel is used in sectors where visual appeal matters. Due to its structure. non-metallic steel can’t go through as much pressure as metallic coated steel.

Tin Plate

Tin Plate is probably the weakest form of a coating. Yet, it has a wide demand and is mainly used in the food industry. Tin plates are usually thin, and they are commonly used to make tin cans. These cans are used to pack and preserve food items. Tin Plates are also used in other sectors and industries.

Types of Metallic Coated Steel

Quite like the coated steel, even metallic-coated steel has quite a few types. These are also based on their manufacturing process, the properties they have, their purpose, and so on. The two main types of metallic steel are hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized. Apart from these, the others include Galvan, galvalume, aluminized, and so on.

These are produced using processes like thermal spray or metalizing, sherardizing and thermal diffusion, mechanical plating, and zinc-rich painting. These metallic coated steel types also vary on the basis of cost.

coated steel

Hot Dip Galvanized

Hot-dip galvanized is a metallic steel type that is, as the name suggests, dipped in motel form of either pure zinc or zinc alloy. This molten zinc form is at a temperature ranging between 820 and 860 degrees Fahrenheit. Making this molten form of zinc is a sophisticated process. It’s not like zinc is simply heated until it melts. 

The form has to go through different stages like caustic cleaning, rinsing, pickling, flux solution dipping, and drying. After this process, the zinc doesn’t just coat the steel but forms a bond with the iron in the steel. It also reacts with oxygen to form a protective layer on the steel.

Electro Galvanized

Electro Galvanized is yet another type of metallic coated. This is also the type where zinc is coated on the steel, but the layer of coating in this one is quite thinner in comparison to hot-dip galvanized. Also, compared to the other one, electro galvanizing is a cost-effective method.

Organic Coated Steel

Organic Coated steel is a highly popular product in the market. The reason why it’s called organic steel is that despite the coating process, its base properties remain the same. This steel is coated with a non-metallic material. The most common practice is to coat it with paint. There are two types of paints generally used in this process.

One is called polyester paint, and the other one, Polyvinylidene Fluoride Paint or PVDF. Organic Coated Steel is also known as Pre-painted Galvanized Iron or PPGI. This kind of steel is generally used on the insides, to form ceilings, make furniture, in lifts and decorative partitions, and so on.

Coated Steel Market Overview

Thanks to all the coated attributes, This is one of the most popular steel-based products on the market. This is available either in the form of finished products like utensils and other items, or they are available in raw form so that the users are able to bend or cut it into the desired shape and size for specific purposes. customization services are also available widely.

To benefit from these services, one needs to contact that manufacturer. These companies would be more than happy to offer the services. The type of steel that you should go with, or in this case, the type of steel depends highly on the project you’re associated with. Generally, the steel is coated to either make it stronger, more visually appealing, or to enhance its exceptional qualities like resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Steel coating also helps the alloy gain a few additional attributes. Now, if you’re not quite sure which brand of coated products to go for, or more importantly, which steel to choose, make sure to look out for the experts. Hama Steel is one of them. Hama Steel produces the highest quality steel products. Also, they offer genuine consultation services.

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