Good Construction Practices To Follow In 2021

You may get the best quality materials for your construction project, but still, there is a risk that not everything might work as per your plan. There is still the chance that your structure may not be as strong and durable as you wanted it to be. And it is for the simple reason that the entire construction process lacked good construction practices. The world is changing, and so is the field of construction. Unless you consider the good construction practices to follow in 2021 seriously, there is a very high chance that you might face quite a few challenges, and you might land up with an inferior end product.

What are Good Construction Practices?

what are good construction

Good Construction Practices are techniques that are used in construction projects to reap the maximum benefits out of the project. Good construction practices ensure that the entire construction process is carried out in a very smooth and optimized manner. When the project is completed in a budget-friendly manner, the materials used are of the best quality, the resources are managed well, and all the processes are organized, the construction practice can be regarded as the good one. Time also plays an important role here. The project should be completed within the specified time.

What Are Good Construction Practices for Benchmark Standard?

Good construction practices ensure that quality and international standards are maintained while completing the project. Now, there are quite a few aspects to be considered to make sure that the construction practices followed are actually good. The following are a few of them.

Proposal Development 

Proposal development is a good construction practice because it brings clarity about the project among all the stakeholders. With a proposal at hand, it becomes easier to manage and handle finances. During the proposal development stage, all the flaws of the project can be dealt with and improved upon with ease and effectiveness. It is a highly recommended practice.


Before you initiate the project, it’s crucial that you get the design ready. The design here means the design of the building as well, but more importantly, it means the design of the entire project. The practices, the workflow, the hierarchy of the personnel, and so many other aspects of a construction project need to be carefully thought upon. It’s a good construction practice.


The planning part goes hand in hand with the design part, and in a few cases, they are one and the same. When you’ve spent a considerable amount of time planning, you can rest assured that you’d have a very good working experience. It is for a reason that planning is considered the most crucial part of any project and not just construction. One of the most important aspects of planning is fixing the time frame for the completion of the project.


In simple terms, procurement is the process of purchasing all the materials that you’d require for the construction purpose. This is where you can save a lot of money. Also, this will determine the overall quality of your project. Make sure to get your hands on quality materials from a reliable manufacturer or seller.


This is the part where all the above-mentioned practices come together. Provided that you’ve taken all the steps carefully, you will have the best and effortless construction experience. It is also a crucial phase as the quality of work during this time determines the performance of the structure.

Handover and Use 

Handover and Use is the last good practice that is followed. As someone who is in charge of the project, it is your responsibility to hand over the structure to the concerned party. The use of the structure depends on the party itself. Though, generally, before the structure is built, it is specified what the structure would be used for.

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What are some common types of Construction Systems?

common good construction practices types

The two most common types of construction systems are heavyweight construction and lightweight construction. Both have their own pros and cons and distinct attributes, and it is on the basis of these properties that they are applied in specific scenarios. Heavyweight construction offers virtues to the building such as excellent durability, low maintenance, good thermal mass, and so on.

In comparison, buildings made using lightweight construction require high maintenance and are less durable overall. Depending on the sustainability, environmental impact and thermal performance one should go for the ideal construction system.

Top 10 Safe Construction Techniques and Practices

Good construction techniques also include safe construction techniques and practices. Often, the project managers feel terrible when there are accidents happening on the site. By following these top 10 safe construction techniques and practices, you can ensure that your construction practice is good without a doubt.

Masonry Work 

Masonry is an art where a structure is built by laborers also called masons. In masonry work, the emphasis is given to manual labor. Traditional bricks are placed together in a vertical or horizontal manner, and they are bound together with mortar. This is left to be dried over a certain period of time. It is quite a safe construction technique that results in strong structures.

Concrete Work 

Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and sand in a definite proportion. It is used to create a layer over the brick wall, which is typically the end product of the masonry work. The application of concrete gives the walls a smooth finish and also contributes to making them quite strong.

RCC FrameWork 

RCC stands for reinforced concrete cement. On its own, concrete has a low tensile strength, so, to improve on that, reinforcement is added, generally in the form of steel bars. Steel is embedded in concrete before it sets. This makes the end structure quite durable.


Plastering is a technique where a layer of cement mixed with water and other materials is put on top of walls. This doesn’t just protect the walls but also gives them a smooth finish. Plastering is a technique that is used not just in the construction sector but in artwork as well. It is one of the oldest construction techniques known to man.

RCC Lintels 

RCC Lintels are concrete structures that are placed on top of doorways. It is designed in a way that it is able to withstand the load of the walls or other structures above it. Lintels are beams that could be made purely of concrete as well, and also by using reinforced concrete. The latter one is stronger and more durable.

RCC Roof Slab 

RCC Roof Slab is made by embedding reinforcement bars into concrete. There are quite a few advantages of RCC roof slabs over general ones. They are cost-effective, offer greater protection, don’t catch fire, and quite like other RCC products, they are more durable.

Extension Of Existing Building 

Extension of the existing building is a process where you simply expand the building. This is done either by adding storeys to the building, or simply expanding it horizontally to cover a definite land area.

Reinforcement Of Thermal Stresses 

There is a limited amount of stress that the concrete used to construct the building can take. Reinforcement of thermal stresses is a technique through which the capacity of concrete is worked upon and improved.

Filling in Plinth 

Plinth is a structure that is made to support the building. Plinths are generally hollow cuboid spaces that are filled using various materials like shingles, soil, sand, museum, and so on. Plinth is a sophisticated process, as it needs to be ensured that the plinth has nothing except the filling material.

Rich Cement Treatment 

Rich Cement Treatment is a process where the soil is mixed with cement in a definite proportion. It is then mixed with water and used for paving. The paving done in this manner is stronger, more durable, and frost resistant.

If you’re not quite sure how to follow good construction practices or aren’t as well informed about construction practices in general, the right thing for you will be to get in touch with a professional company like Hama Steel. Hama Steel doesn’t just offer you the best quality steel-based products at the most affordable price, it also offers you free consultation services. This could be related to their products and services in general or your construction project. And make sure to consider the good construction practices to follow in 2021 for smooth project completion, and a high standard structure.

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