That must have been sheer enlightenment for Rajan, Rojan of Hama Steels, and a bunch of thinkers like us in the KEG we managed to hit the bulls-eye in the dark. The “GCP” Good construction practices a tool to build a better Nepal is here to stay with the eyes and minds of the common man of the country. We should rethink on how we have been rude to what we see around us, the chaos, the anarchy on the road, the never-ending saga of Melamchi and the rebuilding works of all the pristine heritage we cherished by heart, the cacophony of lost souls of all the neo-cities around us, the barbaric erosion of our indigenous architecture is sure to crumble our heart into pieces if we do not rise above our souls to save it. Let’s rise above to save it before it is late.

The GCP an initiative of Hama-steels in collaboration with is a little different corollary of the mainstream agendas of the country, we would want to join with the people to build a better Nepal while nurturing their perspective on best construction practices. GCP compasses everything which falls into good building starting from management, execution, knowledge sharing, environment, health and hygiene, waste management, security, safety, access to light ventilation, comfort level, aesthetics, architecture, heritage, conservation, and construction management, and many others. Our team of strong minds with the support of our fraternity of architects and engineers, thinkers, and philosophers from NEA, AITAAN, SONA, SCARF, SENEP, YCNC shall be with the people at the user end to support their issues related to best construction Practices.