Growing Use Of Steel Structure In Nepal

Steel is one of those metal alloys that is widely used, not just in Nepal but all over the world. There are so many kinds of steel, with different properties. As per these attributes, steel is used in various projects. The used steel should also serve as the component ideal to support that project. Steel has amazing properties like resistance to oxidation and corrosion, really high tensile strength and ductility, and so on. It is also one of those alloys that are malleable and so, it’s quite simple to work with it. The steel structure is one of those projects in Nepal, and globally, where structural steel is used. It is a kind of steel that is said to offer strength to the project.

What Is Steel Structure

In very simple words, any building or project that is made up of steel is called a steel structure. Yet another definition of steel structure is that it must use structural steel. Steel structures could vary greatly from one another. It could be the one where structural steel is used only as an internal component, used to add the missing tensile strength to the concrete or other material that is used on the external surface. Or, it could be the one where 70% or more of the structure is made entirely of steel. The use of steel entirely to make a building is a modern architectural trend.

Steel Structure

Structural Steel has a very high tensile strength. Using it to make steel structures makes a lot of sense. The resulting structure lasts for a long time, is able to bear considerable amounts of load, and is also aesthetically pleasing. Structural steel is corrosion-resistant, which means that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is important that the builders use high-quality structural steel if they’re looking for their steel structure to have these attributes. Steel structures include buildings such as industrial plants, bridges, towers, airport terminals, pipe racks, and so on.

Main Structural Types

There are so many types of steel structures built to serve various purposes. These are built all over the world, and in Nepal alike. Some of the most popular steel structures in Nepal consist of the steel structure buildings in Nepal, suspension bridges, power plants and dams, commercial buildings like shopping malls, and so on. All these infrastructures use different structure types.

Arch Structure is mainly used to make steel structure bridges. Some of the world-famous bridges have used arch structures as their main design. For this very reason, they are also known as arch bridges. When it comes to bridges, one of the most popular designs involves the use of beams. Beam bridges are yet another example of steel structure types. In the same way, there are also cable-stayed bridges. Few of the globally renowned bridges have been made using its steel structure type. And then, finally, there are the suspension bridges. These can be really big, connecting two cities, or smaller ones. Nepal is known for its high-altitude suspension bridges.

In the case of buildings as well, there are so many steel structure types. The latticed structure is the type that is mostly used to make commercial buildings. Then, there is a dome structure. Its use is found mostly in cultural and religious heritages. Modern buildings are also made using dome structures. Frame structures are also quite popular in the context of buildings. The use of beams and columns in buildings is the primary trait of frame structures.

Reasons Why Steel Structure Is The Best Choice

These days, many builders prefer steel structures over others, and there are various reasons for that. Over the years, steel structure has proven itself to be a superior choice over others. The following are the reasons why the steel structure is the best choice out there.

  • Steel, on its own, is an affordable material to use. Using it to develop frameworks of a building or the entire structure could help the builder save a lot of money. The structure lasts longer in comparison to others, and also, not as much maintenance is needed, which saves money.
  • The use of steel to develop structures makes room for a lot of creativity and aesthetically pleasing designs. The architect and the builders could really take it to the next level by implementing new and never seen before design ideas.
  • As mentioned above, steel structures are known for their longevity. It can withstand harsh environments and weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold climate. Also, insects like bugs and termites don’t really have any impact on steel.
  • Steel is a malleable material making it very simple for the builders to mold it into the desired shape and size as per their need. With steel, the entire building process is quite simple. Even after the structure is built, it’s quite simple to manage it.

Steel Structure Application

When it comes to the application of the steel structure. Well, it depends on the purpose it is built for. Steel structures are built to serve as warehouses, airport terminals, residential and commercial buildings, stadiums, metro stations, bridges, and so many others. Basically, the steel structure can be an option for building any kind of structure that is expected to be long-lasting, strong, easy to maintain, and affordable. However, when it comes to structural steel, it has many applications, and most of them are construction-related. Structural steel boasts of its properties like durability, malleability, resistance to oxidation, and corrosion, which makes it an ideal material for use.

Structural steel is used mainly for the construction of buildings. When it’s a concrete building or one made solely of steel, the material offers the structure a really high tensile strength. Apart from that, it is also used to make vehicles. Whether it’s small vehicles like buses and trucks or giant ones like ships and aircraft, all of them use structural steel. Different grades of structural steel are also used to make machinery, equipment, and infrastructure. Il and gas wells, turbines, electromagnetic shields, transmission towers, and so on are made using this steel.

Properties Of Steel Structure

When you make a structure using steel primarily, it tends to inherit the properties of the material fully. Steel structures are known to be quite strong with really high tensile strength. Because of this reason, it is able to withstand severe natural calamities. Since the steel structure is corrosion resistant, it can also withstand harsh weather conditions like a strong wind, extreme heat and cold, rain and snowfall, and so many. Steel structures are quite simple to maintain and doesn’t really require repair work unless it is critically damaged. These are a few of its properties.

Whether you’re looking to buy structural steel for your steel structure, or any other kind of steel, it is important that you understand the needs of the project very well. There are so many kinds and grades of steel available out there. You don’t want to buy the one that is either too strong or weak for your project. If you’re not quite confident about the product that you should buy, contact your steel manufacturer like Hama Steel, for assistance. Hama Steel doesn’t just deliver high-quality products, but also the right consultation service regarding the right product.

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