Nital Testing 

Before moving on to Nital testing of TMT bars, first we need to know what Nital means and why this test should be conducted. The name Nital is derived from the mixture of two components, i.e. nitric acid and alcohol. Nital is also widely known as “Nitol”or “Nytal”. This mixture of nitric acid and alcohol is used for etching carbon steels. This test is also known as the Temper etch test, Nital inspection test, Nital NDT, MIL-STD-867C, AMS 2649C, etc. 

Testing of TMT Bars

So, why is Nital Testing of TMT bars conducted? Since the processed TMS steel products go through intense machining or grinding. This results in a large amount of heat into the steel products. This in turn results in unwanted changes in the steel’s properties, for example burn marks, discoloration, etc. 

These effects can be conquered with the use of Nital testing. So, TMT bars is used specifically to look for:

  • Over-tempering
  • Localized Re-tempering
  • Re-hardening
  • Localized discontinuous carburization
  • Decarburized surface layer

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