Plain Rounds

Plain Rounds is one of the most widely used steel-based products. These are plain steel bars, usually round in shape. They don’t have any indentation on their surfaces, and generally, they are used to separate the mesh in between the concrete slabs. All in all, plain rounds are used in commercial sectors, to develop infrastructures, and in the industrial sectors. Plain rounds are also used in concrete piers, partition panels, precast products, footings, walls, slabs, beams, ties and liftings, and so on. One of the best features of plain rounds is that it is available in various sizes, which makes it an ideal reinforcement bar to be used in numerous projects.

They are generally available in diameter sizes between 6 mm and 20 mm. A great alternative to plain round bars when it comes to using in reinforcement projects is deformed steel bars. Deformed steel bars have deformations and indentations on the surface, whereas plain round bars have a smooth external surface. The deformations on the deformed steel bars help keep the concrete together at times when extreme pressure is exerted on the structure. Deformed steel bars are considered to have a higher tensile strength than plain round bars, and so, it is regarded to be a better choice for use in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Purpose Of Plain Rounds

Plain rounds are a type of rebar. Depending on the purpose of the rebar, various grades or types of steel are used to produce it. It could be made using stainless steel , a mixture of carbon and chromium, silicon bronze; it could be galvanized or epoxy coated. The different rebars produced using the combination of these elements are unique when it comes to their properties. Plain rounds are made by using tempered steel. Tempering is a process where iron-based alloys are treated with heat.This helps make the alloy, such as steel, tougher.

 The process also helps reduce the excess hardening of the alloy. These are also made using mild steel. This type of plain round is used for general purposes. For more sophisticated uses, plain rounds made with more complex mixtures of elements are used. Quite a few types of rebars, including plain rounds, are also produced using cold-drawn methods. In this process, extreme pressure, instead of heat, is used to mold the steel. Other cold processes include cold rolling procedures, turn and polish technique, and so on.

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