Nital testing

Ductility and Strength are the two major characteristics of modern rebars. We at Hama Steel ensures these two characteristics by Nital Etching Test in which we get the rings of Martensite at outer surface, Ferrite+Pearlite at the core and Bainite in between, by stirring the precisely prepared surface of rebar in the solution of Nitric acid and Ethano. (Nital Etching Test)

Chemical Testing

Hama steel ensures the chemistry of its products by regular checking with the fastest technologies available. The chemical compositions of raw material(Billets) and finish product (rebars) are closely monitored by our highly trained team. Our Spectrometer shows the chemical composition of the test piece in no time with very high precision.( Chemical testing)

Physical Testing

Our Quality control team maintain the grade of Rebar by checking the Yield Stress and Elongation through out the production hour and off line checking to assure quality for delivering a genuine product to our customers. We at Hama Steel maintain all the required standard of 500D.(physical testing)