HAMA 500D Bars

HAMA 500D Bars is a brand of 500D TMT Rebars. Rebars or reinforcement bars are used in concrete structures to give it the required tensile strength. Concrete structures are strong, but when it comes to handling pressure, they tend to break apart easily. Use of rebars in concrete structures ensures that it serves its purpose for decades. Now, there are different kinds of rebars, and TMT is one of its types. TMT stands for ThermoMechanical Treatment.

It is a metallurgical process, which means, to form this kind of metal or alloy, both mechanical and heat treatments are used. The mechanical processes include compression, forging, rolling, and so on, and the heat processes include heat treatment, water quenching, heating and cooling, and so on. The 500D in 500D TMT Rebars is a grade given to the rebar after proper testing and verification.

TMT Bar Grades Qualities

The 500D stands for the amount of pressure that the rebar can yield, which in this case is 500 MPa. 500D bars also has a special composition. Apart from Iron, the other elements that are used to produce 500D TMT Rebars are Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Cerium, and so on. It’s the use of elements like these that offer the metal or alloy its unique properties.There are so many useful properties of 500D bars. They are known to have really high strength, which allows them to withstand extreme pressure. 

They are known to be resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The metal or alloy also uses less amount of sulphur, which makes it resistant to fire. The rebar is also resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes thanks to its high tensile strength. It is also easily weldable, which makes it ideal for use in various situations. When it comes to use in concrete structures, 500D bars is the right choice.

Despite the fact that 500D TMT Rebar has quite a few qualities that make it an ideal piece of alloy to be used for construction projects, it might not be the ideal one to be used in all of them. There are different grades of TMT Rebars out there. These are tiled 415, 500, 500D bars, 600, and so on. As mentioned above, these differ from each other on the basis of the chemical composition, and the amount of pressure that they can withstand. The numbers 415, 500 and so on is pressure measured in MPa.